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Black Desert SEA Introduces Daytime Forest Atoraxxion, "Yolunakea"


  Pearl Abyss announced that the third of Atoraxxion's biomes, "Yolunakea," has been introduced in Black Desert SEA, featuring a new "daytime forest" theme and a new final boss, "Impassioned Amarillos." 

    Atoraxxion is a co-op dungeon for a party of five Adventurers filled with strategic puzzles, and a challenging final boss. In Yolunakea, Adventures can reach the final boss sooner than they could in the previous two biomes. By applying tactics best-suited for Yolunakea's terrain, Adventurers will be able to clear the stage more efficiently. 

   All Adventurers are welcome to enter Yolunakea and receive its weekly quests even without completing any main questline of prior biomes. They can enter by interacting with the "Sol Magia" located at the Ancient Stone Chamber after completing the "Talibre's Tear" quest. Those who completed the main quests of the previous biomes can also access Yolunakea through Elribta's Door located at the garden of each biome.

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